Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sunday bloody Sunday

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. Today I've been involved in an accident, crashed an expensive radio controlled model aircraft, rescued an elderly Lady who didn't want to be rescued, got abused by the woman over the back fence, burnt my Sunday lunch and oh yeah, I ran out of milk and just as I went down to the shop it started to rain. Other than that it's been a good day, sort of.  So I decided to take my ire out by starting a new blog. Unlike the other two which deal with model aircraft and writing this one  will pass comment on all the things that get me angry. So if the occasional swear word will offend your tender sensibilities I offer you this word of advice.


Just to start the ball rolling I have made a list of all the things about this world that sometimes get on my goat so I've no doubt you will find something to offend you.


Here under is the list of all things that I will do my best to comment negatively on so by all means drop back and be offended about you particular pet subject


  1. Old Age - Because I looked in the mirror this morning.
  2. Religion - Because it causes so much trouble.
  3. Baby photos - Because I am bloody sick of baby photos on blogs.
  4. Family blogs - Ditto.
  5. The Weather - Because it never works out like the six o'clock news says it will.
  6. The Price of Everything - Because everything is too bloody expensive.
  7. Politicians - Because they wont go out and get a proper job.
  8. Retailers - Because they mark up at least 100%.
  9. Rich People - Because they are rich.
  10. Poor People - because they are poor.
  11. Cults - Because a good mate lost a daughter to one.
  12. Kids - Because their parents wont control them.
  13. Teenagers - Because a lot of them are out of control.
  14. Bloody do Gooders - Because they're bloody do Gooders.
  15. Grumpy Old Men - Because I'm one.
  16. Grumpy old Women - Because my next door neighbor is one.
  17. Metro Sexuals - Because they've forgotten how to be men.
  18. Supermarkets - Just because.
  19. "Service" Stations - Because there is no "SERVICE".
Give me time, I'll think of some more.


  1. have all those thoughts ..and more.. And I'm only 50 ! ..and a Pom ...wasn't the Ashes great ! ..I guess not ...

  2. O.K. I'll forgive you for being a POM, but just this once. Even if you are only a youngster, at least you seem to have the right values in life. Must have been an Aussie influenced you somewhere.

    As for your lot taking the Ashes and giving us a flogging I think it's a good thing. It will knock a little bit of humble pie into our cricketers. They've been getting to bloody big for their boots.