Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The definition of relief!!

Yep I know I just said the site is moving but for once I have something important to say. 

Recently I had cause to go to my GP because of a couple of little lumps on my back. Now I live on my own so it's not possible for me to get some one to check my back regularly. It's not until I get a persistent itch or something that I even take any notice of my back at all.  I can't see it, therefore I don't think about it unless something goes wrong.

In this case an itch had been annoying the shit out of me for a couple of weeks before I noticed I also had a couple of tender spots. Time to annoy the Quack. Quack was not impressed and also seemed to actually be a bit concerned. He insisted that I return next day so he could cut a "couple of small lesions" - what ever they are - out and send them to Pathology for analysis. A couple of small lesions turned out to be seven in all and I ended up with a total of 37 stitches in my back. He also mentioned the M word and admitted he was  little concerned as I am already being treated for other cancer problems.

Shit said I - that's all I need  - bloody Melanoma

Now before you send me messages of condolence and all your dribbling sympathies I don't need them - the suspected Melanomas turned out to be the much less scary Basil Cell Carcinomas. 

So what am I whinging about?

As I said, I live on my own and therefore can't inspect parts of my body that I can't see very efficiently - hell it even occurred to me that a partner might have some use after all!

I am 70 years old and from those generations who thought suntans were not only mandatory but actually healthy. Sun Block? - what's that?? I'm an ex service man so I spent a LOT of time out in the sun - often with my shirt off. So if any of my readers live under similar circumstances to myself take this as a warning :- 


Cancer is not pleasant and I have known two of my mates who have suffered death by bloody Melanoma - it's not pleasant and once it has you in it's grip you're stuffed. The only defence you have is to identify it early - it's insidious and the smallest little lump can hide something really hideous under the skin.

Don't give the Grim Reaper an easy ride - he'll get us all in the end but why make it easy for him - make the bastard work for his reward - we all had to!

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